Are you being watched?

do you want big brother watching


Friends and Neighbors,
This Wednesday, the Hallandale Beach City Commission will be discussing a proposal submitted by Mayor Cooper to install not one, not two, but sixteen separate surveillance cameras in the Golden Isles neighborhood. You can click here to view exactly where the proposed cameras would be placed.

Here's the strange part: Golden Isles has only experienced three reported crimes this year (see below), far lower than the city average. These camera programs are usually reserved for neighborhoods with major crime issues, like we see in some violent areas of Miami. It makes very little sense for them to be installed here.

big brother-1

Worst of all, this proposal would cost HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS and would invade the privacy of our neighbors and families. All before we have drafted a much-awaited Master Plan for our neighborhood.

big brother-2

As you know, I have been a staunch public safety advocate and continue to support the installation of a license plate reader at the Layne Blvd Guardhouse. Because the guardhouse is the only way in or out of this community, it would be an effective and affordable way to monitor criminal activity without invading the privacy of our neighbors.

If you agree that our city needs to stop intrusive surveillance and wasteful spending, click here and email our City Commissioners. Tell them to scrap this massive (and expensive) overreach and demand the implementation of the affordable license plate reader instead.

Keeping you informed,
Commissioner Keith London