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Hallandale Beach investigated for possible corruption

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Keith S. London Submitting his Candidate Petitions to the Supervisor of Elections to be placed on the ballot running for Mayor of Hallandale Beach





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Broward County Planning Council 2/2012

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Sun Sentinel Endorses Keith London

I'm proud to share that I've been endorsed by the Sun Sentinel in my campaign to be your next City Commissioner for Seat 2. 
Please read the endorsement below and share it with your neighbors.
The Sun Sentinel Endorses Keith London for Hallandale Beach City Commissioner, Seat 2
The Sun Sentinel Editorial Board
October 25th, 2014
Two people are running for Seat 2, including former commissioner Keith London, 52, who held the spot for six years before resigning to run for mayor in 2012 and losing to Joy Cooper.
London and Cooper have often but it heads, and figure to do so again if London wins. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing if it brings important issues to the forefront and presents alternative viewpoints. 
London can be abrasive, but he appears to be a good steward a public money. He is wary of the bond issue for parks, which would add $86.40 to the tax bill of a house with the $100,000 taxable value. And the increase could remain for 30 years. 
London supports body cameras in the license plate readers. Public safety is paramount for him. While he feels the parks need to be helped, “I’m not voting to increase my taxes,” he told the editorial board. He said there are alternatives to the bond issues to raise money for parks.
Since his defeat in the mayoral election, London has stayed abreast of city politics and been a regular at commission meetings. 
He is opposed by incumbent Lep Grachow, 68, who was appointed to the commission in May to fill the vacant seat of Alex Lewy. Granted, Grachow has only been on the commission for a handful of meetings, but he hasn’t had much of an impact ye. He doesn’t offer the kind of insight and questioning that London would bring.
In Hallandale Beach, Keith London is the best choice.


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