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Hallandale Beach investigated for possible corruption

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Broward County Planning Council 2/2012

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"Gross Mismanagement" Meeting Today Wednesday 7-10-13


This is an important reminder for the meeting scheduled for Wednesday, July 10, 2013 at 6:00 PM in the City of Hallandale Beach Commission Chambers.  This is the first time the City of Hallandale Beach has scheduled a meeting to publicly discuss and address the Broward Office of Inspector General’s (OIG) report regarding the “gross mismanagement” of the Hallandale Beach CRA.  In addition, the letter from the Florida Legislative Joint Auditing Committee (JAC) issued on June 6, 2013 will be discussed.

This meeting has been scheduled only one week prior to the July 16th deadline the City of Hallandale Beach has to respond to the OIG regarding follow up documentation they requested in their report 60 days ago.

The response which is due on July 16th was drafted and compiled by City Staff without input of the City Commission or comment from the public until this point.  Thus far, the response fails to address and ignores requests for very specific documentation and information as follows:

Please see below for the OIG’s and JAC’s comments and requests as well as the limited response to this by the City of Hallandale Beach:

JAC Request 1.
Finding 1, Failure to Establish the CRA Redevelopment Trust Fund (RTF) (report page 6).
Please provide documentation to support how the initial amount ($2.5 Million) was determined. If any estimates were used in determining this amount, please provide an explanation of the basis for using such estimate and how the estimated amount was calculated. Also, please provide the detailed spreadsheet that Ms. Ladolcetta references in her response.

Thus far, the City has failed to provide specific and complete documentation in answer to the JAC and OIG.  For example, the OIG noted the City failed to establish, as required by law, a redevelopment trust fund to separately account for CRA funds until May 2012.  Up until that point, the City co-mingled CRA funds with City funds in the one account (Since 1996).
Subsequently, a CRA bank account was opened with an initial balance of $2.5 million; however, there is no evidence the requested documentation or back-up material was provided showing where the $2.5 million originated from or support the accuracy of this initial amount.

  • Former CRA Director, Dr. Alvin Jackson stated “he was not confident that the opening balance of the RTF accurately reflected the amount of funds due the CRA” (page seven)

JAC request 2
. Please provide the specific authority upon which the City relied to use CRA monies for the noted expenditures. Absent specific authority to support the use of CRA monies for expenditures not authorized by Chapter 163, Part III, F.S., or not included in the CRA Plan, it appears that the CRA monies should be restored to the CRA Fund. In addition, to resolve the disagreement, we request that the City Council, sitting as the governing board of the CRA, request an opinion from the Attorney General regarding the specific expenditures in question. The City Council should ask the Attorney General the following question(s):
(1) Is the use of the CRA funds for such expenditures allowable under Ch. 163, F.S.? and
(2) if not, should the City restore the funds to the CRA? In addition, we suggest that the City Council agree to abide by the Attorney General’s Opinion 2010-40.

  • To date NO Florida Attorney General Opinion has been requested and City Staff refuses to seek an Attorney General opinion while they flout the 2010-40 opinion.
  • NO motion or resolution was made to provide for repayment plan to have the City of Hallandale Beach repay the misspent monies back to the CRA.
  • Examples of monies that should be repaid to the CRA:
    • $416,365 improper use of bond proceeds outside of the CRA  (page one)
    • $152,494 fireworks outside the CRA (page eight)

Another example of the inappropriate and in inefficient use of funds is the choice to only have a part-time part time employee as the CRA Director.  In order for a CRA to be operated appropriately a full-time employee is necessary, especially being a well-funded CRA.

The current CRA Director, Daniel Rosemond, who is only working part-time as the Director of the CRA is being compensated at approximately $152,000 per year in total.  The following is a breakdown of his salary by department and the hours per week associated with each department.  In addition attached are two PDF documents which include the employee hours attributed to the CRA and the funding breakdown

Mr. Rosemond’s salary is divided as follows:
CRA – pays 50% of his salary for 4 hours per day (20 hours/week)
General – pays 12.5% of his salary
Transportation – pays 12.5% of his salary
Sanitation – pays 12.5% of his salary
Water – pays 12.5% of his salary

The CRA is funding approximately $75,000 - $80,000 per year of Mr. Rosemond’s salary for a part time director yet he has other responsibilities as a Deputy City Manager.

The Hallandale Beach CRA has a budget to support a full-time Director and substantial projects with a mission deserving “full-time” attention.

This is restricting the Hallandale Beach CRA from performing its stated mission of eliminating “slum and blight”.

Please plan on attending this important meeting and voicing your concern about the continued lack of transparency, accountability and “gross mismanagement” in Hallandale Beach!





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